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I work as an engineering manager for Insight focusing on the greater Southeast. I have the privilege of working with fantastic customers every day helping them solve their challenges with infrastructure, development, automation, devops, containerization, security and anything else in between. Any information posted on this website are my own thoughts and views and do not reflect the views of Insight.

I have been in the technology industry for 20 years. I started in systems development writing software in Assembly and C, moved into C# and Java development and eventually into systems architecture and management at a couple of different organizations before moving to Insight. I have had the pleasure of coming across so many fantastic mentors, peers and companies in my IT career.

I graduated with a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from Michigan State University and quickly moved to North Carolina after graduation to be closer to family. This is definitely our home now! I love spending time with my beautiful wife and extremely sarcastic son at the lake and you will definitely find me up at night nerding out on something I’m interested in on a regular basis.